Digital Strategy

Strategy – the How, What and Why of your digital offering…

We offer good ‘advice’ tailored to your organisations needs and desires. No jargon. No woffle.

If you’re a company and you have a budget for digital, then you want to make sure its spent in the pursuit of generating brand awareness or sales, then lets talk.

To find out more about Digital Strategy, contact Addicted….

The art of creating your company vision through the development of key aims, opportunities and initiatives, for a digital audience. This is done through customer intelligence, exploration, optimization and innovation, using web, mobile, ecommerce social media and seo.

Aimed primarily at SME’s, our strategy service is a collaborative process that grows to suit your business.

We’ll identify…

Opportunities, challenges, customer needs and goals and design a multi-platform strategy to engage your customers and drive business forward.

Develop together…

We will work together to devise a clear, cohesive plan that can be carried across all materials, producing an exciting online vision around your goals. We will then deliver the strategy through a wide range of innovative digital solutions.