Go and see Fallas de Valencia

Las Fallas is amazing, like the Notting Hill Carnival people spend a year building amazing cardboard sculptures and effigies for a week long event which culminates in the burning the structures at the end of the week.

The sculptures vary greatly, historic and modern sited around the town of Valencia. The one below was a pavilion built by Miguel Arraiz García and David Moreno Terrón whom had wanted people to interact with their structure before it burnt, something not allowed before.


las falls

Having been I can tell you its a strange kind of controlled of anarchy where kids let off firecrackers in crowds and the police do nothing. At the end of the week, after the burning everyone walks home quietly having let their inner vandal go riot for a few days.

Of course it would never work in Blighty; the cardboard would be soaked and the week would end with the dull fizz of sparklers around a huge pile of paper mache.

If you’ve never seen 100 000 firecrackers go off in the daytime I highly recommend going.



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