How often have you heard someone say they’re too old to change careers?

Frankly, too often which is a little sad. I personally know someone whose work pipeline dried up a year ago, then the recession hit their client base and they found themselves with no work, no cash-flow and a big headache.

At the time they had been ready to take anything, including work outside of digital (read; ‘stacking shelves’) to make ends meet. However, even for jobs in your local supermarket the competition is high and you’ll be up against better qualified people.

So the below story on CodeAcademy brings some hope to the redundant, jobless and job seekers everywhere.

For most of us working in digital, there’s work out there, but if you know someone struggling why not suggest getting some training in a new skill.

When they say they haven’t got the money to do a course then hand them your laptop or tablet so they can search for a grant: the government is the first place to look, or failing that your local authority will help with all manner of grants, bursaries and schemes.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but if you know where people can get help then I’d be more than happy for you to contribute to this page.

Good luck.

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