iWatch, substance over style

If you’re a sci fi fan then the LED umbrella from Blade Runner is for you the greatest wet weather accessory ever, but what is it for? Does it light up your day or light up your way? The latter I think not.

So when you’re thinking about buying an iWatch, what does that do for you? Will you be the only person waiting for the 7:59am train talking to your wrist? If it is tethered to your iPhone, then what will you get from it? No one seems to know yet but what we do know is that wearable or accessory devices are coming; and they will flood the market, so if you’ve got an idea then you need to get out there fast, like Google have done with Glass

xl_Apple iWatchiWatch_mock-up_1

Personally I can see some of its applications, in the gym or when you’re out running (which wont work if your iPhone has to be in your pocket; tethering), grappling with your children in Sainsbury’s car park (you need three hands for children and shopping) or just being too lazy to reach for your phone from the couch.

Back to the umbrella, if tethering is the key, could we display the content of our social media or a web page into the brolly space, or stream Tweets along the handle? Ridley Scott didn’t think of that…

You can buy a ‘Blade Runner Umbrella’ here