Jack Nicholson wears Ray-Ban

Sorry to disappoint but this isn’t a post about wild parties and scantily clad girls up all hours of the night, its just an observation on the return of yet another heritage brand.

Like Pringle, Burberry, Grenson, Zippo and Barbour, Ray-Ban has made that transition from specs your dad used to wear to the catwalks and beaches where the beautiful people roam.

I find this new found love for old brands really exciting.

It suggests that people wanting fashion also want quality and history. They want to chat with the next sun bed dweller about the reasons for buying that watch or shoe or hat, and those reasons are in some cases ‘because its cool’ or ‘its of the moment’, but in others because there is a need to belong to an exclusive group that  invests in thats brands’ future. Grenson for instance (my favourite shoe manufacturer) has a Pinterest group; many people follow that brand/ group because those shoes last forever and because they’re extremely comfortable, not just because they’re cool.

For a long time, the big fashion names could get away with charging high prices for bad quality, but thats all changed thanks to (in my opinion) the internet. Its an paradox of what we expected the web to do; its not always about price, nor is it just about fashion, its about a quality item that will last you a lifetime, that will evolve because its a classic, and the brands know this. That I believe is where the whole heritage movement has come from; the need for quality as well as cool-ness.

So now we can get Ray-Ban’s, Grensons, Burberry at a decent price on a host of sites like Asos or Yoox or find ‘vintage’ items (they’re no longer called second hand!) through eBay, anyone can invest in the future of a great brand and be part of that exclusive group who own a quality product with heritage.

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