Primark and investment in e-commerce

I’m returning to this post to talk about Primark’s recent foray into the web using ASOS as the channel.

After the recent news that Primark wouldn’t be investing in ecommerce, this was a pretty rapid departure to partnering with ASOS and offering garments through the online retailer.

And its a very clever move in my opinion; not only has it created press for Primark (read as ‘clever press strategy’), its created a new standpoint for online retailers; how to go online and how quickly can you do it? Any digital agency can give you a quote for producing an ecommerce site, and depending on the size and scope of the project, how long it will take.

But the move made by Primark is much more significant; as a retailer you don’t need to have your own platform. You use any platform.

This is a profound statement in my eyes signalling a change in how business uses services to sell goods and share socially. Think of ASOS then as your local shopping centre; you can go there and you’re not tied to one retailer; you’ve got the choice of ‘chinos’ from a whole series of retailers in various fits and styles.

ASOS may soon be to retail what eBay is to smaller shops; a great way to be online among your peers, not a small concern all alone on the internet.

(image shown courtesy of ASOS/ Primark)

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