When art imitates life

The phrase ‘life imitates art’ pops up often where you see something that clearly isnt natural (IMO).

On a recent shopping trip, in a well known store that you’ll see in your out of town ‘mall’, they’ve adopted an interesting idea. The photo below is a view of a beach from a balcony window, but its not a window, its a series of screens playing a live feed from the west coast of the USA.

Its a pretty clever idea as a) it makes you feel as though you were there, or at least in touching distance of the beach and the good looking bikini clad people b) the shop has no outside windows, so they solve the problem by imitating life through digital.

Many brands talk about being ‘lifestyle’ but this is something more, its part of a brand  ’landscape’ that connects you to a different place where flip-flops can be worn year round.

Unfortunately, another store across the road has adopted the same screen based delivery, but in this case the entire shop front is covered with screens; the irony? Both brands are owned by the same company.

art imitates life

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