Why you wouldn’t hire any of the Apprentice Candidates

I’m a big fan of The Apprentice, but now my enthusiasm is waning for the appalling candidates they find to be on the show.

After the recent court case between Stella English and Lord Sugar you’d think it couldn’t get lower. Stella has cashed in by appearing in Hello Magazine, ever hear the phrase ‘any press is good press’?

Lord Sugar and Stella English

But this series has presented the most awful bunch of people you could want to hire, ever. The candidates all seem intent on selling their mothers and trampling everything in their path to get to the £250K thats on offer including this weeks boardroom rant by Natalie Panayi which contributed to the firing of Zeeshaan (would you buy anything from this man) Shah.

Frankly there must be thousands of harder working, more personable, more intelligent, dynamic people out there in business  with better ideas and plans who are more deserving of that opportunity than this years candidates. I’d love to see some of their business projections, they must be wild and ridiculous from people whom you wouldn’t trust with organising dinner.

But it does make good ‘behind the sofa telly’ and those are the oddest eyebrows I’ve ever seen.

Yuk, its Alex Mills

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